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"Face, Feet and Tail Dog" Grooming Package:
This grooming service would be the groom for the dogs that need just a little bit more maintenance then the "Easy Keeper" but yet don't quite need the full hair cut.

* Nails filed with a dremel (just like Peticure)
* Ears cleaned and plucked
* Two hot baths
* Two facials (2nd facial is the blueberry facial)
* Conditioner treatment
* Blowing out and drying of the coat (no kennel drying)
* Brushing out of the coat
* Sanitary areas maintained appropriately
* Hair in between foot pads is shaved to appropriate length
* Partial hair cut (this includes face, feet and tail)
* All-natural cologne
* Bandana by request only and dependent on availability

Grooming charges, for a well maintained dog, start at $65


*Official grooming hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30AM-4PM.