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"Easy Keeper" Dog Grooming Package:
  Don't forget your seemingly maintenance free dogs!!! Ear cleanliness and keeping a proper foot structure are two things commonly overlooked and yet are so important to your pets' health. This service is for the well maintained, short haired dogs. Exceptions might be made on a case by case basis.

* Nails filed with a dremel (just like Peticure)
* Ears cleaned and plucked
* Two hot baths
* Two facials (2nd facial is the blueberry facial)
* Conditioner treatment
* Towel Drying (You can add on blowing out and drying of the coat for $10 starting rate)
* Brushing out of the coat
* All-natural cologne
* Bandana by request only and dependent on availability

Grooming charges, for a well maintained dog, start at $55


*Official grooming hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30AM-4PM.