Please Note:
Your pet's well-being always comes first. In the event that the animal can not tolerate all or part of our grooming services that you've requested, we'll stop. We're sorry that we will not be able to reduce our prices in those circumstances.

All animals MUST be up to date on rabies vaccination.

First time customers must provide a copy of their pet's vaccination certificate including vet's contact information. These records may be confirmed with the veterinarian's office prior to the first appointment and are updated on an annual basis.

*Call for individual price quotes and appointment times.

Trip Charges and Minimum Appointment Charges:
The first thirty miles round trip are complimentary if we are already in the same area.
Due to the current costs of gas and the time involved on the road to longer destinations a trip charge after thirty miles round trip is added to the overall costs. The approximate home base/starting point is at the intersection of Interstate 75 and Route 60. We book appointments according to the areas people live in and in most cases only go to one area per day. However, if we are already in your area or not in your area and have to travel farther to get to you, you will receive lower or higher trip charges according to the actual mileage covered . After the first thirty miles round trip, a charge of $1.00 per mile will be added to the overall charges. Toll charges and parking charges, when applicable will be added to the overall charges. The mileage charge and complimentary mileage amount is subject to change dependent on market conditions. Our goal is to be as fair as possible. In order to keep our costs and trip charges/gas costs down, we do our best to schedule appointments according to the areas you live in. We are happy to offer services costing below $75. However, in order to accommodate for the price of gas and the costs associated with a high-end mobile grooming facility, there is a minimum charge of $75-$85 per appointment.

Payment Policy:
At this time we are only accepting cash or checks; is an acceptable form of payment only with prior approval.

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellations/reschedules must be called or emailed in 3 business days/72 BUSINESS HOURS prior to the appointment time, preferably earlier. Business Hours defined as Monday 7:30 am through Thursday 4 PM, holidays and weekends excluded. There are NO exceptions we have a very busy grooming schedule and schedule according to the areas we are in. This is a business and needs to be respected as such so therefore you will be charged the starting rate for all animals scheduled that have not been properly canceled or rescheduled. Please understand that Cross Town Pet Care, LLC needs advanced notice to rebook times that have been canceled/missed/rescheduled. Once you are an established client, we can also arrange for a way to access the pups in the event you can not be there. We suggest real estate locks which can be purchased at Home Depot or other hardware stores. Please also understand if you repeatedly cancel or miss appointments we will be forced to only fill you in last minute cancellations or we will no longer book you appointments and we will have to ask you to go elsewhere. Thank you for understanding we can not afford to have open spots due to last minute cancellations. We also understand that OCCASIONALLY emergencies come up and we will judge each situation on a case by case basis.

Hours of Operation:
Mobile grooming appointments are offered Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am start time to 4:00 pm finish time. We are closed annually for 2 weeks in mid-June (approximately June 10-24) and Christmas Eve Day through the day after New Years Day. We also close during all other major holidays and for safety around Halloween and Gasparilla. You will be responded to once we are back from vacation.

Appointment Arrival Time and Length of Appointments:
Allow for a 30 minute window prior to and after the scheduled appointment time. If we are running ahead or behind by approximately 30 minutes or more, we will call, email or text you. Please make sure that your dogs have already been out and are ready for us, as we have a tightly scheduled day. On average, appointments take an hour to an hour and a half for a well-maintained dog. The bigger and/or longer coated or matted the dog is, the more time it will take.

Appointment Reminders and a Reminder for Your Next Groom is Due:
Appointment reminders are only sent out as a courtesy to those that have provided a valid email address on the Agreement to Provide Services Contract. We do not call you or mail out via the US Post Office appointment reminders. If you have not provided a valid email address or do not have one, please be sure to mark your calendar as you are ultimately responsible for remembering and keeping your appointment date. The cancellation policy is in effect for all appointments made. If you are not on our annual schedule rotation, it is suggested that you are added to it and at the very least that you immediately rebook your next appointment at the end of your current appointment as we are typically booked out a minimum of four to six weeks with the entire year being 90-100% full. By making your next appointment or being on a regular rotating schedule, you can avoid the wait and the dreaded phone and email "tag". On average, dogs should be fully groomed a minimum of every 4-6 weeks. Some have their dogs groomed as much as once per week. If your dog has a longer coat, they should be combed out to the skin several times per week to prevent matting. Keep in mind that ears and nails should be maintained on a monthly minimum basis or more in some cases regardless of whether or not you have a groomer or veterinarian assist you. Please make sure that you are properly educated before proceeding with ear and nail maintenance as to not do any damage to your pet or do anything to create a negative experience.

If you have allowed your dog's coat to get badly matted, we will perform a shave down. This is to spare your dog the unnecessary stress, cruelty and pain associated with dematting. Please remember, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to keep your dog mat free. Do not blame the groomer when a shave down must be performed. If you can not comb through your pet's entire coat, you most likely have a matted pet.

Read more about matting